With the massive growth in the podcasting industry and the rapid rise in the number of podcast channels that emerged during the Corona pandemic (1 million podcasts created only in 2020, compared to 1 million channels created since 2004).

And due to the podcasting effect and global expansion with a broad audience, World Podcasting Day was announced on September 30, to recognize this industry and its pioneers as well as increase media support for podcasters. As a result, the podcasting industry has become more cooperative, coordinated, and this has contributed to its global growth.

In partnership with podcast makers, entrepreneurs, and podcast fans, “Podlines Podcasting Incubator” the digital platform, declared July 7th to be the International Day for Arabic Podcast, to be an annual conference day for podcasters and interested people can gather to discuss the problems, concerns, and future of the sector and to launch initiatives that help support and strengthen the sector in all fields.

A summer and holiday conference date was chosen to allow more time for creativity and production, in a period when the conference is easy to attend.

In celebration of International Day for Arabic Podcast at Podlines PodCon, we are sending this document to all interested parties to sign and contribute to building the Arabic podcast landscape.

Please contribute with your opinions and interests.